CityScenarios as MetaModels (departure projects)/ Biennale di Venezia 2008 film/ Alfred Hitchcock & Pauhof: The Wrong House 2007/

Feel the suspense in the architecture! Architecture plays an important part in Alfred Hitchcock's films. Having worked as a set designer in the early twenties, Hitchcock continued to concern himself closely with the art direction of his films, where houses are often shown as oppressive places. In his films, staircases, windows and corridors take on a new meaning. 'The Wrong House' introduces you to Hitchcock the 'architect', but temporary interventions by the PAUHOF (Michael Hofstätter / Wolfgang Pauzenberger) also confront you with the oppressive sides of the deSingel building. The thread is provided by the sets for houses and interiors Hitchcock designed for such films as 'The Lodger' (1926), 'Rebecca' (1940), 'Rope' (1948), 'Psycho' (1960) and 'The Birds' (1963). The work of the 'master of suspense' is seen in a completely new way by means of film compilations, reconstructed plans and the spatial interventions by PAUHOF. This unusual exhibition project is completed by an extensive additional programme in association with MuHKA-media and the Filmmuseum...
(Moritz Küng)

Steven Jacobs, THE WRONG HOUSE:
010 Publishers, Rotterdam 2007, ISBN 978 90 6450 637 6